What is IAREP?

Founded in 1982, the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) is the best association for all those interested in the areas where psychology and economics intersect. It has a wide international membership, drawn from psychologists and economists, but also from specialists in business administration, marketing, and consumer behaviour.

The interests of IAREP are broad. A few of our members would describe themselves as "economic psychologists," and work in departments or institutes of economic psychology. The majority, however, are experts in one discipline who recognize that neighbouring disciplines have something important to contribute to the areas they are interested in. We welcome anyone who takes this kind of open-minded approach to research. Economic psychology is concerned both with the psychological mechanisms through which economic behaviour comes about, and with the psychological effects of economic events.

In 2007 IAREP adopted the status of a UK “company limited by guarantee and not having share capital”. The members of IAREP are its guarantors. The articles of association, filed with Companies House in London, affirm the following aims of IAREP:

  • To further research, teaching and the study of economic psychology,
  • To provide a meeting place at the annual conference for those interested in the area where psychology and economics intersect,
  • To support graduate summer schools in psychology,
  • To support workshops on special topics in psychology, and
  • To provide an informal network of friends and colleagues that crosses national and disciplinary boundaries.

In pursuing these aims, the activities of IAREP include:

  • Annual Conference is usually held at a university in Europe. It is an important meeting for researchers and policy makers interested in cross-disciplinary work in psychology and economics.
  • Managing the Journal of Economic Psychology. IAREP founded the journal, elects the editors-in-chief, and supports the activity of the editors and publishers in many ways.
  • Publishing a bi-annual newsletter giving news about activities in economic psychology and related fields.
  • Supporting graduate Summer Schools in economic psychology.
  • Supporting Workshops on special topics in economic psychology.

Perhaps the most important way in which IAREP works, however, is as an informal network of friends and colleagues, which successfully crosses national and disciplinary borders. Many joint research projects have been launched through discussions held at IAREP conferences and workshops, and many research publications have originated in the cross-fertilisation of ideas that occurs when people of different backgrounds meet and discuss common problems with an open mind.

Welcome to IAREP!