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Göteborg University

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In Sweden the main avenue to research and teaching in economic psychology is through the strong tradition of judgement and decision making research in psychology departments at Göteborg University (Tommy Gärling and Anders Biel and associates and grad students, see www.ruseda.se), Stockholm University (Henry Montgomery and associates and grad students), Uppsala university (Peter Juslin and associates and grad students), and Stockholm School of Economics (Lennart Sjöberg, Bo Ekehammar and associates and grad students). In marketing Agneta Marell who is now dean of the Business School at Umeå University is also actively doing research in and teach economic psychology. Agneta Marell and Tommy Gärling are co-directors of a resesarch program on consumer decision making at the national Center for consumer science at Chalmers and Göterborg Universities (www.cfk.gu.se).