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My involvement with IAREP began with the 2005 Prague Conference, which was organized with the assistance of Karel Riegel, the founder of economic psychology in the Czech Republic. The theme of the conference, Absurdity in Economics, attracted my attention on the basis of issues addressed at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Ostrava, where I have been employed since 1996. Not only did the conference confirm my view that there are a number of useful approaches to economics, it also reinforced my conviction that interdisciplinary collaboration is the most appropriate means for identifying and resolving a wide range of problems and issues that arise in people's daily lives.

An interdisciplinary approach is very closely tied to my own work as a psychologist insofar as my career has involved a variety of responsibilities, orientations, and disciplines. My current teaching and research in the Department of Management focus primarily on career studies, which include a number of interdisciplinary issues in a variety of contexts.

The conferences and other activities of IAREP provide excellent opportunities for all who are interested in the wide range of issues connected not only with economic psychology, behavioral economics, and sociology, but also with consumer behavior, human capital, decision making, motivation, attitudes, values, and other related fields. IAREP is the right address for anyone who is searching for an exchange of ideas, discussion, and the presentation of up-to-date knowledge and research in an intercultural and interdisciplinary forum.