IAREP Officials

The officers of IAREP are President, President Elect (or Past President), Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer. Every four years, after a call for nominations, a ballot of members is held for the position of President Elect, who serves for one year in that role, then two years as President, and one year as Past President. The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are also elected by a ballot of members. They serve for two years and can be re-elected.
Since 2007 IAREP has been registered as a “company without share capital limited by guarantee”. The members are the guarantors of the company and currently, the President, Past President, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer serve as directors, registered as such at Companies House, London (see https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/06347595).

The Managing Committee of the association comprises the above officers and the Co-editors-in-Chief of IAREP’s official journal, the Journal of Economic Psychology (JOEP), which is published by Elsevier. By our agreement with the publishers, IAREP appoints the Co-editors-in-Chief, who normally serve a four-year term which can be extended to a further two years.  

The postal address of IAREP is:

Leeds University Business School
Centre for Decision Research
Moorland Road
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom



Rob Ranyard
Leeds University Business School
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Editors of the Journal of Economic Psychology

Carlos Alos-Ferrer
Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics
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Eldad Yechiam
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
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Date: July 18, 2019


Past Members of the IAREP Managing Committee

President  Secretary  Treasurer  Editor
1981       Fred Van Raaij
1982 Gery Van Veldhoven  Piet Vanden Abeele  Stephen Lea   
1987 Hermann Brandstätter       
1989 Folke Ölander  Theo Poiesz  Paul Webley   
1990       Stephen Lea
1991 Tadeusz Tyszka  Christine Roland-Lèvy     
1993 Fred Van Raaij  Henry Robben  Richard Wahlund   
1995 Werner Güth      Alan Lewis
1997 Christine Roland-Lèvy  Vera Hoorens     
1998   Henk Elffers  Roberto Burlando   
1999 Paul Webley       
2000       Peter Earl and Simon Kemp
2001 Erich Kirchler  Carole Burgoyne     
2002     Ellen Nyhus   
2003 Stephen Lea       
2004   Erik Hoelzl    Simon Kemp
2005 Francesco Scacciati      Gerrit Antonides and Daniel Read
2006     Alice Grönhöj   
2007 Simon Kemp       
2008   Ofer Azar  Rob Ranyard   
2009 Alan Lewis       
2010   Tomasz Zaleskiewicz    Erik Hölzl and Erich Kirchler 
2011 David Leiser       
2014 Ellen Nyhus   Agata Gasiorowska Leonhard Lades   
2015       Stefan Schulz-Hardt and Martin Kocher
2016 Erik Hölzl       
2017   Cäzilia Loibl  Agata Gasiorowska   
2018 Rob Ranyard      
2019       Carlos Alos-Ferrer and Eldad Yechiam