IAREP Country Representative for Australia


  • La Trobe University, Bendigo
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Welcome to the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) in Australia. IAREP is a community of social scientists who undertake theoretical and empirical research in areas lying at the intersection of economics and psychology. It comprises an international fraternity of scholars sharing a common interest in economic psychology and behavioural economics while reflecting considerable depth and diversity with respect to the research issues and the theoretical and methodological approaches undertaken by its members. This is perhaps of little surprise given the successes achieved through the collaboration of the two disciplines. For example, while there is no Nobel Prize for psychology, Herbert Simon and Daniel Kahneman (with experimental economist Vernon Smith) have been duly recognised with the award for economics following their work at the interface of the two disciplines.

Interdisciplinary research between economics and psychology has flourished over recent decades and has been the subject of a number of review articles, extensive textbooks and handbooks, and a considerable number of monographs, edited books and conference volumes. IAREP recently held is 32nd annual conference and organises summer schools and workshops. Consistent with this research vitality, IAREP produces the Journal of Economic Psychology, now in its 28th volume (2007) with six issues a year. IAREP members also publish in the Journal of Socio-Economics and the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation in addition to journals specific to their particular research interests.

Above all things, IAREP is an association that actively supports and values its cultural and intellectual diversity. To learn more about IAREP, contact me at the email address above.